👩‍💻 New In Gen AI: Stable Diffusion 3.0, Sora

DTP #39: Connecting the dots between AI and business 

Big news in Gen AI from the past few weeks: 

  • A few weeks ago, OpenAI introduced its latest text-to-video model, "Sora," promising to revolutionize the creative industry. 

  • Stable Diffusion 3, the latest open-source model made available from Stability AI. They called it their “most capable text-to-image model” to date. 

💼 AI in Business 

Connecting the dots between AI and business 

The rise of AI in the business world has ushered in a new era for technology professionals who possess both technological expertise and business acumen. As AI increasingly takes on routine programming tasks, these professionals play a crucial role in steering AI applications toward business goals, ensuring ethical practices, and maintaining security. 

  • The demand for renaissance technologists is growing, emphasizing a blend of technical skills with leadership, innovation, and problem-solving abilities. 

  • AI job postings showcase a preference for professionals capable of aligning technical expertise with broader business acumen. 

  • The renaissance technologist role is critical for ensuring that AI applications meet business needs, address bias, rectify errors, and maintain security. 

  • Key elements for these professionals include business alignment, ROI assessment, fostering innovation, enhancing career potential, and understanding competitors' AI strategies. 

  • Beyond technical skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and effective communication remain crucial for success in the evolving AI landscape. 

Stability AI release Stable Diffusion 3 

The enhancements featured in SD3 include improved text generation, heightened adherence to prompts, and resilience against unintended content leakage.  

These latter attributes ensure that the generated images align closely with the specified requests. Stability AI has also emphasized SD3's capability to handle multimodal input, intending to showcase this through an upcoming technical report. 

OpenAI introduces Sora 

In February, OpenAI unveiled Sora, an innovative AI model designed for video synthesis. This cutting-edge technology utilizes textual cues to produce videos across a wide range of styles. OpenAI showcased a collection of videos generated from written prompts, showcasing remarkable outcomes.  

While various text-to-video models exist and are currently in progress, professionals in the field have emphasized the exceptional quality of Sora's videos, suggesting that its debut marks a significant advancement in AI and text-to-video synthesis. 

💻 Platform Highlight 

Genmo – Sora competitor set to raise at least $30m in funding. 

Cimba.AI - Adaptive Gen AI startup, recently emerged from stealth with pre-seed funding. 

Kore.ai - Enterprise conversational and generative AI platform. Recently secured $150 million in funding led by FTV Capital. 

🌐 From the Web 

With its neural network trained on video examples, Sora creates high-definition clips, alarming industry experts like Tyler Perry, who paused an $800 million studio expansion. Some predict Sora will reshape film production dynamics, prompting studios to reconsider high costs. Despite concerns about job displacement, others view Sora as a valuable efficiency tool for specific tasks, likening it to advancements in computer graphics and sound editing. 

Chinese fintech firm Sinodata aims to secure priority access to OpenAI's Sora through Microsoft's Azure platform. As one of the first to apply for a Sora API subscription, Sinodata joins Microsoft's AI Cloud Partner Program, emphasizing potential applications in a seminar with Microsoft China. OpenAI's Sora sparks interest in China, despite restrictions, with companies like ByteDance and Alibaba's Damo Vision Intelligence Lab developing their text-to-video models. Chinese businesses express both fascination and concern about competing in this evolving AI landscape. 

Stability AI introduces Stable Diffusion 3, an advanced generative AI model for image creation, addressing issues with image quality and handling multiple subjects in text prompts. The startup is cautious about potential misuse and collaborates with experts before the public release. Joining a waitlist is currently available. 

💬 Social Highlight 

Tech Skill Insights: Reddit Thread 

Stable Diffusion 3 launch: A Tweet 

🤖 Prompt of the week 

Act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please build a machine learning model that predicts [target variable]. 

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