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DTP #40: 3 predictions for AI and automation business adoption

New AI models from Anthropic and Google are poised to overtake ChatGPT. More on that below.

Plus, this International Women’s Day, we hear from marketing thought leaders on how to strategize for Gen AI. Linked below.

💼 AI in Business 

3 predictions for AI and automation business adoption

The IDC FutureScape report on worldwide artificial intelligence and automation predictions for 2024 highlights the evolving landscape of AI in the enterprise. As the initial enthusiasm wanes, decision-makers are set to scrutinize AI investments, yet global spending is projected to surge. In this context, Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President at IDC, outlines three key predictions for AI and automation adoption in business.

1. Tangible Business Impact Assessment:

  • AI will face increased scrutiny for its tangible business impact as leadership demands a focus on bottom-line benefits.

  • Organizations transitioning from experimentation to integration will grapple with questions on costs, required skills, and overall financial performance improvements.

  • Measurement of Gen AI’s benefits will align with existing business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), varying across domains like customer satisfaction, revenue growth, DevOps software quality, and IT operations manual activity reduction.

2. Rise of Generative AI Digital Assistants:

  • Influenced by conversational interfaces like ChatGPT, conversational AI features will become integral to enterprise applications.

  • Predictions foresee conversational digital assistants becoming a standard in the enterprise, leading to disruptive changes in front-end software design.

  • These AI-based assistants will enhance user experiences by addressing challenges in using applications for daily tasks, from sales inquiries to IT support.

3. Increased Spending on AI Hardware:

  • The IDC report anticipates that by the end of the next year, over 40% of the Global 2000’s core IT spending will be allocated to AI initiatives.

  • Notably, a significant portion of this increase will be directed towards high-cost, compute-intensive hardware, such as Nvidia’s specialized servers, crucial for GenAI tasks like natural language processing, image generation, and large language model training.

  • CIOs are advised to factor in the costs of high-end servers accommodating GenAI workloads when planning hardware budgets.

Maureen Fleming emphasizes the transformative potential of Generative AI, positioning it as one of the most disruptive technologies in decades. Organizations are urged to balance caution with proactive adoption, as those falling behind in AI and automation investments risk disruption by competitors leveraging these evolving technologies.

Anthropic introduces new AI model

Anthropic, an AI startup founded by former members of OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), introduced its latest family of AI models, Claude 3.

Claude 3 is described as setting new industry benchmarks across various cognitive tasks.

Family of AI Models:

The Claude 3 family includes three models: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus. Each model is designed to offer increasingly powerful performance, balancing intelligence, speed, and cost based on specific use cases.

According to Anthropic’s co-founder Daniela Amodei, the new models are twice as likely to answer questions correctly compared to similar AI chatbots.

Can Gemini overtake ChatGPT?

Gemini, a set of large language models (LLMs), incorporates AlphaGo’s training techniques, including reinforcement learning and tree search. This development poses a potential challenge to ChatGPT’s dominance in the generative AI field. Noteworthy points include:

  • Gemini utilizes training techniques from AlphaGo, such as reinforcement learning and tree search.

  • Google’s creation of Google DeepMind, merging Brain and DeepMind AI labs, precedes the Gemini announcement.

  • The launch of Bard and PaLM 2 LLM also contributes to Google’s strategic focus on generative AI.

  • The generative AI market is projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2032, prompting Google’s substantial investment in maintaining its leadership in AI development.

🌐 From the Web 

Female thought leaders in marketing emphasize Gen AI’s potential but stress the importance of strategic adoption. Brace for transformative change in the marketing landscape as Gen AI continues to evolve.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, faced a $90 billion market value loss due to controversies surrounding its generative AI product, Gemini. Racially inaccurate depictions and biased behavior prompted criticism, causing a 4.5% stock drop, emphasizing concerns about Google’s reliability in AI.

Anthropic, a leading AI startup, raised an astonishing $7.3 billion in a year through rapid and sizable funding deals, marked by unique structures, including technology partnerships and a special purpose vehicle.

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