👩‍💻 SAP and Microsoft expand NVIDIA partnerships

DTP #42: Using Generative AI to Solve Complex Problems

In a landmark collaboration, tech giants Microsoft and SAP join forces with NVIDIA to drive the advancement of generative AI technologies. A glimpse into the transformative initiatives set to reshape the landscape of enterprise AI below: 

💼 AI in Business 

Using Generative AI to Solve Complex Problems 

A comprehensive article from Appinventiv covers the many complex use cases that can be aided by Gen Ai: 

⚖ Legal Operations

  • Generative AI aids legal teams in research, case analysis, and document drafting. 

  • Enhances productivity, ensures compliance, and reduces legal costs. 

🤵 HR Processes

  • Generative AI automates HR tasks and provides personalized assistance to staff. 

  • Used for leave management, benefits administration, and talent acquisition. 

  • Improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances worker satisfaction. 

📊 Data Analytics 

  • Generative AI uncovers insights from data, aiding in growth opportunities and risk detection. 

  • Used for sentiment analysis, personalized marketing, and proactive customer engagement. 

  • Enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

💲 Sales Enhancement: 

  • Generative AI optimizes product descriptions, prices, and sales training. 

  • Facilitates customer segmentation, targeted marketing, and personalized sales strategies. 

💡 New Product Development: 

  • Generative AI accelerates product design by analyzing data and generating optimized designs. 

  • Creates personalized product designs based on customer preferences. 

  • Improves efficiency in bringing innovative products to market. 

🕵️‍♀️ Fraud Detection: 

  • Generative AI tools identify and prevent fraudulent activities like forged documents and payment fraud. 

  • Enhances security and protects businesses from financial loss and reputational damage. 

👩‍💻 Coding Assistance: 

  • Generative AI assists in coding tasks by generating optimized code and detecting errors.

  • Improves productivity and accuracy in software development. 

🤝 Microsoft Partners with NVIDIA for Enterprise Gen AI 

Microsoft and NVIDIA announce integrations to accelerate generative AI across Microsoft Azure and Azure AI services. 

Azure adopts NVIDIA Grace Blackwell GB200 and Quantum-X800 InfiniBand networking for trillion-parameter foundation models. 

  • Collaboration extends to healthcare and life sciences, combining cloud, AI, and supercomputing technologies. 

  • NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs to debut on Microsoft Azure, enhancing data interoperability and visualization. 

  • NVIDIA GPUs and Triton Inference Server serve AI inference predictions in Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. 

  • Enhances real-time contextualized intelligence for users, boosting creativity and productivity. 

AI Deployment: 

  • NVIDIA NIM inference microservices is coming to Azure AI for optimized inference on popular foundation models. Speeding up time to market for performance-optimized production AI applications. 

🤝 SAP and NVIDIA Accelerate Gen AI Adoption 

SAP and NVIDIA have expanded their partnership to provide accelerated computing for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. 

  • NVIDIA generative AI foundry service, including NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, will be integrated into SAP Datasphere, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), RISE with SAP, and SAP’s enterprise applications portfolio. 

  • SAP aims to embed AI in enterprise applications for easy consumption in the cloud, focusing on delivering the best experience, performance, and price for customers. 

  • NVIDIA services like DGX Cloud AI supercomputing, Nvidia AI Enterprise software, and Nvidia AI Foundation models are utilized by SAP to enhance the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core and SAP Datasphere. 

  • NVIDIA NeMo Retriever will enhance SAP’s Joule copilot by enabling retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), allowing LLMs to reference knowledge bases outside their training data. 

  • The partnership explores over 20 gen AI use cases to simplify digital transformation, including ERP automation, HR use cases, and business recommendation optimization. 

  • NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platforms and AI Enterprise data science software are leveraged by SAP to facilitate data access and enhance ML workload performance in Datasphere. 

  • NVIDIA AI foundry services assist developers in creating domain-specific language code and fine-tuning LLMs for writing code in SAP’s ABAP programming language. 

🌐 From the Web 

Inflection AI founders join Microsoft, pivoting from failed Pi chatbot for consumers. AI chatbots struggle for scale and revenue, with OpenAI shifting focus to enterprise solutions with Microsoft. 

Nvidia's recent market surge, fueled by strong earnings, solidifies its position as a pioneering force poised to lead the AI revolution, potentially reshaping global business productivity and profitability. 

HBR discusses integrating AI into business growth strategy, emphasizing defining AI's role, assessing current technology capabilities, accessing necessary resources, determining commitment level, and evaluating execution capabilities.

🤖 AI for Good 

Firm backed by Mayo Clinic tests tools for healthcare 

Mayo Clinic showcased its commitment to artificial intelligence at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, where it announced a new partnership with AI startup Cerebras Systems. 

  • The goal of this partnership is to develop a foundation AI model by leveraging Mayo Clinic's vast array of structured and unstructured data, including clinical notes, imaging reports, and lab values. 

  • One major focus will be on building a language model around genomics data to tailor treatments for individual patients. 

  • Additionally, Mayo Clinic is conducting AI-driven projects aimed at early detection of diseases such as pancreatic cancer and atrial fibrillation. 

  • For instance, a clinical trial is underway to assess AI's effectiveness in improving pancreatic cancer detection by reducing imaging noise. 

  • Another project involves training a model on pre-diagnosis electrocardiograms (ECGs) to predict atrial fibrillation months in advance. 

  • The organization emphasizes the responsible use of AI in healthcare and is a co-founder of the Coalition for Health AI, advocating for trustworthy AI practices. 

Mayo Clinic assured that AI will augment rather than replace healthcare workers, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency in delivering care. 

🤖 Prompt of the week 

Act as a data scientist, I have data with 100 rows and 5 columns: [id, name, contact, email, age]. Create a matplotlib bar chart of name vs. age. 

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