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DTP #38: The Rise Of The Chief AI Officer

In a conversation between talent leaders Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger, they discuss the promise and challenges of using generative AI (specifically ChatGPT) in HR. Some of the key points from their discussion: 

  • Applications in Recruiting: Generative AI is expected to reshape recruiting by helping in crafting better job requirements and offering personalized interactions with candidates. It can analyze skills required for a job and enhance the speed and quality of the recruiting process. 

  • Shift from Credentials to Skills: Generative AI's ability to tag unstructured data for keywords could facilitate a shift in recruiting from credentials like college degrees to focusing on candidates' skills and capabilities. 

  • Professional Growth and Skill-Based Transition: Generative AI can aid employees in skill-based transitions by providing insights into various career paths, job descriptions, and required learning experiences. It can empower individuals to take charge of their professional development. 

It’s clear that Gen AI can prove transformational for HR. In a survey of HR Leaders by Gartner, we can see the order of priorities for its application: 

💼 AI in Business 

The Rise Of The Chief AI Officer 

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, businesses are navigating the aftermath of AI's dramatic entrance onto the stage, realizing that integration into core strategies is now imperative for competitiveness. Forbes Contributor Bernard Marr emphasizes the need for a visionary approach, and the emergence of the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) is proving to be a game-changer. 

  • The integration of AI into core business strategies is now a competitive necessity. 

  • CAIOs blend technical expertise with strategic foresight, proving pivotal for innovation and growth. 

The Pace of AI Innovation Outstrips Traditional Leadership Capacities: 

  • AI system development's complexity and pace demand dedicated leadership. 

  • A CAIO institutes proactive leadership, navigating AI advancements and implementing strategies. 

Navigating the Talent Gap in AI Expertise: 

  • Leading AI adoption demands proven engineering savvy and creativity. 

  • CAIOs bridge the talent gap by assembling cross-functional teams with both left-brain analytics and right-brain vision. 

Cross-Disciplinary, Strategic Leadership: 

  • CAIOs distinguish themselves through versatile, cross-disciplinary thinking. 

  • They identify opportunities and orchestrate solutions across technical and non-technical domains. 

Authority to Drive Adoption: 

  • CAIOs operate as C-suite peers, securing buy-in with budget and authority. 

  • They motivate the company for an intelligent future, balancing possibilities, ethics, and job automation risks. 

Handling Employee Documentation 

“Approximately 80% of participants acknowledged utilizing AI to some degree in the management of employee records.” - eightfold.ai, 

Furthermore, 77% indicated the use of AI in tasks such as payroll processing and benefits administration, common responsibilities within HR. These routine duties are susceptible to automation, providing an effective means to reduce mundane tasks and streamline operations. 

Streamlining New Employee Onboarding 

The onboarding process places a substantial workload on HR, involving tasks like document signings, sharing regulations, and imparting values and purpose. Leveraging chatbots proves effective in handling much of this workload. These automated systems can address common queries, guide new hires through the onboarding journey, and prompt them to complete necessary paperwork. 

Professional Development 

One approach involves leveraging AI for objective performance assessments, particularly beneficial for evaluating hard skills. Additionally, AI can be employed to deliver tailored learning experiences. For instance, during assessments, AI can generate questions and explanations based on an individual's demonstrated skill level. For example, if someone consistently answers math questions correctly, the AI can progressively present more challenging queries to enhance the learning experience. 

Monitoring Employee Performance 

Leading employee monitoring tools now integrate AI to pinpoint productivity bottlenecks by tracking online activities. This allows administrators to efficiently oversee extensive workforces without the need for manual surveillance. Instead, the system sends notifications and alerts whenever AI identifies anomalies or violations of company policies. 

💻 Platform Highlight 

Akkio: A business analytics and forecasting tool for data analysis and outcome prediction. Aids in predictive analysis, marketing, and sales. 

Together AI: Cloud-based Gen AI platform providing tools for constructing open-source generative AI and infrastructure for developing AI models. 

Chingu AI: AI-powered content creation, project management, and productivity platform. 

🌐 From the Web 

Human resources can revolutionize operations by combining AI and agile practices. Adopting agility enables data-driven insights, task automation, personalized employee experiences, and swift adaptations. This shift is vital as HR grapples with administrative burdens, hindering strategic focus. AI bridges the gap, empowering proactive planning. 

AI Adoption in HR Is Growing 
Approximately 25% of employers utilize AI for HR tasks, with a surge in adoption over the past year, especially in large organizations and tech, finance, and information sectors, as per SHRM research. Nearly half of HR professionals prioritize AI in the last 12 months. Optimism surrounds AI's potential, but 24% express concerns about job displacement. 

AI at work: 90% of employees want software to be simple to use 
Recent White House news underscores the significance of AI in HR tech. The executive order by President Biden emphasizes the "human-in-the-loop" concept, focusing on responsible AI development, individual privacy, bias prevention, and safeguards. This HR Tech Check explores the human perspective in AI interactions at work through various surveys. 

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